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Okay, this is your founder, and I'd like to apologize for my absence. Many family problems came up, including grandpa's death and Buddy now has terminal cancer, and as most of my friends drifted away from teh Hetalia fandom, I ended up setting aside all my time for games.

Now, I'm back - and I'm not saying we're going to be suddenly active without warning. We'll take it slow with things like cleaning out inactive admins, miss-subbmited things, and making sure none of the folders are full (if they are, we'll make new ones).

So, please be patient, and if your submissions expire, feel free to re-submit. We'll get all of this going slowly.

Also, if you have RP tumblrs, freel free to comment them. I'd liek to make a list, since many of us have moved over to tumblr.


Liz here, everyone!

I've got some plans on how to bring this place back to life, but I'm going to talk to Greece about each one before I get on with what I can do.

Also, if you can't submit a folder, please screenshot the problem (post to imgur or tinypic), or describe IN DETAIL what the problem is, and we'll see if we can fix it.

Have a great summer, everyone, and be safe out there in your ventures in the real world!


An edit from Liz! She's given up her position as Poland for one of her dear OCs that she wants to bring back! She feels that she won't do Poland any justice at this point, having not watched Hetalia for a good 2+ years.

Busy Days

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 2, 2013, 7:40 AM

Good evening everyone, Liz here saying that wow she's been really busy with college!

I'll do my best to be on more consistently (and often), but I really want to talk to you guys, so come join me whenever you can or want to!

Also, as a note to general members:

:star: If your deviation submission expired, feel free to re-submit it! :star:

A lot of us admin are busy with college, jobs, etc, and we're doing our best to keep up, but some of us aren't able to get on for days or just forget to check in.


Watch where you submit, please!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 24, 2013, 7:48 AM

While Greece is prettying up the folders, I ask that you please watch what folders you submit to! A lot of the folders on the list are subfolders, and thus the one you submit to may not always be the right one.

Until we get a guide about folder rules going, please read this before you submit anything! I will now be declining things put in the wrong folders under the assumption you did not read this, and I'll give you a link to the correct folder! When I do the folder guide, I'll also be making this nice long description of each folder so you can submit with confidence :meow:

Please pay particular attention to the Lit folder. All of the subfolders inside are for LITERATURE submissions only, not artwork! Also, the 18+ folder is for just that, 18+.

Sufolders: Digital, Digital Art 2, Traditional Media, Sketches

Mochies Chibis OtherThemed
Subfolders: Chibis, Mochis, Catalia, Nyotalia, 2P Hetalia, Christmas

Subfolders: OCs with Canon or Fanon, OC Character Sheets, OC Art Works

Fan-Made Comic Series
Subfolders: Manga 4Koma comics, Memes, Panels and pages, Series

Subfolders: NOne

Subfolders: Romance, Tragedy and Feels, Action and Adventure, Other, Poetry, xReaders

Craft Animations etc
Subfolders: Stamps and Icons, Animations, Journal Skins, Tutorials, Crafts, Etc

18+ FolderNosebleeds everywhere
Subfolders Only men, Only women, a bit of everything, Bad Touch Trio

If you submit to the wrong folder, I'll let you know exactly where to put it! Just click on the box in the upper right-hand corner that says +Submit to this folder And you'll be on your way!

Thanks for helping us out while we make the folders fabulous~


Okay so I'm really bad at this

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 4:26 PM

I can't figure out what the CSS was to make a picture the background of a folder and whatever I try isn't working too well, haha. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know so I can get the folders done >.<;;;;

On a non me being bad at this kind of stuff note, does anyone want to be a founder of a group?
:iconhetalia-world-rp: is looking for a new leader or else it'll be shut down. There is less than a week before the decision will be made, and if no one suitable comes up, one more hetalian home will disappear. The information can be found by following this… . Everything you need to know should be there.

Unexpected Schedule Change

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 12, 2013, 8:24 PM

The New:
So one of the girls at the place I work at did a number on her knee and is no longer able to work - considering her knee is fatter than her head and black and blue all over. Nearly looks like the Black Death, but I digress. What this means is, since we were already short staffed, that more work has been unloaded onto me, thus, the changes will be happening throughout the weekend. I'll let you know when the changes are complete, which should be early next week. You'll also get the answers to the World Conference Sudoku along with that announcement.

Sorry for the delay, but I'm literally doing 8 hour shifts every day now, a friend whos moving away want stop hang out with me saturday, and two of my friends ill be leaving for university want to claim sunday, but ill see what i can do, because this place is important too.

Suggestions greatly reduce the amount of time I need to think on things, so if you have any suggestions or things youd like changes, please let us know~

Thanks, and have a great evening~

The Old:
First off, thanks to all of those who are giving me suggestions of favourite characters. I've made a couple decisions, but I'd still like for you to continue commenting so I can make more cool decisions. France is now confirmed you guys, and the 18+ folder will be where he decorates.

Now, onto the sub-folders. I did some fixing, nerfed the workbook folder and made it "specials and contests" and put everything into it neatly, and created subfolders in the 18+ (women only, men only, and a bit of everything) to make browsing for what you want easier. I even added a poetry folder in the lit folder.

My question to you guys is what other subfolders do you feel i need to add? there WILL NOT be sub-sub-folders anymore because that caused confusion, normal subfolders makes things easier to find. if theres any genre you look for specifically or any grouping i should set aside, let me know.

Im tempted to make a subfolder just for the bad touch trio in 18+ kinda like a gag, but ya know, i wanna see what you peeps think because you need to be able to find the stuff you want.

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whooot....Random...pages Rule's!!~:dummy:

Welcome to HetaliaFans!

Donate to the Group so we can Stay Super and have More Contests!

Click the button below and donate however much you would like! If you have an ad you wish to place, let us know in the comment that you can put with your donation.

If you donate 50:points: or more, you will be given special recognition in one of our updates, and possibly some other cool stuff.

The Group
Here we accept OCs, among many other things. We like to have contests regularly, too. Who doesn't like a good contest?

The Chat
Over at our chat base we keep track of events and character lists for our chat. Should you wish to join, you will find everything you need there!

True Affiliates
This is where we will put the icons of our true affiliates, not just people that send us affiliation things through the useless widget.
Although it isn't official, I've requested a true affiliation with Hetalia-Artists, and I'm testing out the idea for them to see, so here is our short list for now:

Also, Hetalia isn't the only thing our beloved PapaHima has made! The group may not have a Hetalia folder (more fans of Hetalia means it would get overloaded) but it does have a crossover folder and folders for the other works. please look at this other group if you're interested~

Estonia wins Match 1! Next on the Character V.S. Character polls is Sealand VS France for Round 1 Match 2! 

175 deviants said France!
97 deviants said Sealand!


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We've cleaned up the affiliates! Please take a look at these awesome groups, as their people are just as cool as we are! :heart:



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arcanor23 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Is it going to be a RP session during the following weeks ?
SylveonShy Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'd like to create a Hetalia OC, and I'd also like to to base him/her off of a fictitious country of my creation so that a) I don't offend anyone and b) there aren't things such as stereotypes to restrict the personality creation. I this practice generally allowed, or should I use an existing city/state/country?
Larxel12 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
For joining the roleplay? It'd have to have a discussion to it with the rest of the admin. I'm a bit wary of fictional country characters, since the last roleplay I was in got filled with them and things got way out of hand.
SylveonShy Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for considering it. I just wanted to make sure it was allowed.
Illusionsdreamsfan Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, sorry! It looks like I submitted my fanfiction to the wrong folder. Just to be sure. "Tragedy and Feels"
 is indeed a literature folder, correct?
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Please ignore that America X Reader I submitted into the 18+ folder -_- it was an accident, sorry!
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